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About us:
The Sunday Sisters

The history behind our name!

The Sunday Sisters was founded in late 2019 and was later launched in mid-2020. Our small business is a wedding and event planning service that also provides hair and makeup, as well as cake/cupcake baking and decorating for all occasions.

The Sunday Sisters is all about creating and designing moments in life that can be remembered forever. We help write a chapter (or more) in your story and make dreams turn into reality.

Our name is original and unique, but most importantly, it means something to those who are a part of our little family. Sunday to us is all about food, family, friends, fun and fellowship... and when you think about an event, wedding, or a moment in life, one or more of those things are involved to make it memorable. Sisters, a word that means so much more to everyone, especially to those who have one. Having a tribe of sisters in your corner is the best thing anyone could ask for. Sisters are a constant protector, best friend, and someone you can rely on no matter what.

So, together, The Sunday Sisters is a tribe of people who want nothing but the best for you and will celebrate you and your journey with love and support all the way. 


Our Sister Tribe

a little about us...


Shanelle Williams

Owner / Founder and Director
Wedding & Event Planner / Cake Baker & Decorator

- I'm obsessed with CHRISTMAS!!!
(it literally is "the most wonderful time of the year")
- If I ever had a warning label it would say, "Please, don't touch."
- Give me a book and a chai tea and I'm set for the day...
I love all things fantsy and sci-fi.
- Put me in the kitchen with music blasting and I am one happy girl! (but I hate cleaning up afterwards... who doesn't though).
- FOOD, I love food... like food is life!

Karli Williams

Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist / Event Planner

- It only takes me 8 minutes to get ready...

after I decide which outfit I'm wearing.

- My dream is to be a race car driver. 

- I know every quote from every movie I've ever watched. 

 - Rachel from FRIENDS is me! 

- I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime.


Elsie Hayford

Co-Founder / Hair Stylist

- I love getting outdoors and going for a climb!
- Baking is both my metaphorical jam and literal jam...
I love trying new recipes and making a mess!!!
- Any type of dog is my favourite type of dog!
- A cup of tea made well, can truly fix the roughest of days.
- I always have at least five go to jokes on hand
(in case of any uncomfortable silences).